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  1. 8.11–27.11.2007.


    Artists' Union of Latvia Gallery, Riga, Latvija



    "Brektes very first solo show “featured the symbol of our age – the hypermarket, where the boundary between the human and the animal, between the permitted and the forbidden, is sometimes very blurred”. Arranged together on the artist’s gastronomy ‘shelves’ were organic sculptural objects: ‘jars’ with preserved bodies of crows, mice and a kitten, along with mixed-media paintings of girls subjected to bondage and sadomasochistic activities, skulls and imaginary monsters. Combining stencils with free washes of industrially manufactured paints, Kristians revealed he is as skilled with the paper knife as he is with the brush.

    In a comment for the newspaper Diena, Solvita Krese pointed to the fact that the use of “the abject in contemporary art has for some time now been a conspicuous strategy by artists”, based on which “Brekte has realised his ambition as a ‘crazy artist’ even in quite an aestheticised form. Laconic painted surfaces transferred in stencil technique alternate with expressive elements of painting and composition. In a reference to Pop Art and his ownth programmatic position, Brekte, in my view, demonstrates a very critical standpoint”, opposed to “the contemporary society of consumption and ostentation, in which violence and cruelty are still products very much in demand.” It should be noted that in 2009 works from this exhibition were included in the catalogue "Younger Than Jesus" created by the famous British publishing house Phaidon, bringing together the most vivid young artists from the world aged up to thirty-three." (Elīna Sproģe, Neputns)

  2. -Plakāts- / -Poster-

    -Plakāts- / -Poster-

  3. -Meitene ar ābolu- / -A girl with an apple-

    -Meitene ar ābolu- / -A girl with an apple-