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  1. 24.10.–28.11.2008.


    1. Stāvs Gallery, Riga, Latvia



    "Questions relating to the interaction of species and the theme of the inevitability of death, which had previously been prominent in Brekte’s art, are also identifiable in Brekte’s his second solo exhibition, held in 2008 at the 1. stāvs Gallery of that time. A selection of Kristians’ photographs of animal and bird roadkills were exhibited under the title "Morgue", referring to everyday indifference and reminding the viewer of the fragility of life. The scenes of death arranged in light boxes presented a “contemporary view of the eternal theme of vanitas – emphasising the transitory nature and impermanence of the secular. There are no skulls or flowers, but a lot of fresh blood,” wrote Ieva Bogustova, director of the gallery. The title of each photograph indicateds the place where it was taken. Domestic and wild animals killed on the highway are commonplace, but the same cannot be said of people who stop to remove from the road these animals who have died an unnatural death. While travelling by car or bike, Kristians started to notice the unusual aesthetics of their bodies, which cause revulsion but at the same time invite a second look. The nine photographs exhibited in the gallery and made using by an analogue camera, marked the beginning of a series that is still being supplemented on the Tumblr website, on a page entitled "Roads of Death"." (Elīna Sproģe, Neputns)

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