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  1. 27.02.–17.04.2009.


    Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia



    "In conversation with Kristians Brekte after the “Gastronomy” exhibition, Vilnis Vējš posed the question of whether itching does not serve “as a motivation for art and simultaneously as a motif in art” (Magazine Studija). As if in answer, there followed Brekte’s solo exhibition "My Animals / Allergy" at the ALMA Gallery in early 2009. In the technique of alkyd oil painting he continued his study of humans, animals and their relationships, this time combining the anatomy of both into monstrous new beings.

    Vējš wrote that in “replacing brushwork with running, dripping and splattering, Brekte emphasises that the visible form of a painting comes about in a process that is only partly under control: even though the method chosen demands dexterity in directing the application of colour, there is also a lot of room for chance. The artist directs the paint in just as great a measure as it directs him. The lacework of a fly’s wing, a girl’s purple hair, the expression of the muzzle of a sea lion are not just ideas coming from the artist, but also derive from paint as a force in its own right, from a self-moving process. In Brekte’s case it is up to the artist to initiate the creation of the image, to record and develop it, but not to completely predict the result, and even less the perception of the viewer." (Elīna Sproģe, Neputns)

  2. -Vilcene- / -She-wolf-

    -Vilcene- / -She-wolf-