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  1. 15.04.–17.05.2013.


    Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia



    Present in every work by Kristians Brekte, be it a painting, photograph, object or installation, there is the presence of unmasking society’s views, habits and hypocrisy. And, although he speaks in the language of metaphors and allegories, what he says has the same kind of direct and effective power as a slap in the face.
    The theme of the new exhibition – morals, sexuality and perversion – is embodied in ten watercolours and two objects. The author of the text is psychotherapist Artūrs Utināns of the department of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy at the Riga Stradiņa University. He analyses the works on show from various aspects – what they say about the artists, what they communicate to the public and provoke in us, and what that says about our own subconscious.

    "...What could the skeleton faces in all the paintings symbolise? The answer to this question could be the main secret of the paintings. Do the skeletons symbolise death or human (male) fear? Is the fear of the female character, her piercing eyes? Or the fear of female sexuality? If the skeleton symbolises death then here, instead of the usual symbol of death in a dark cloak with a scythe, we have the naked figure of a woman. Psychoanalysis interprets this symbol as woman the castrator of men and temptress at the same time. Castration is the threat for harbouring forbidden desires..." (Artūrs Utināns)

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