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  1. 2.04.–17.05.2012.


    Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia


    "..We are used to expressing our horror about what is happening in the world, when news is heard about the latest cruise ship disaster, when someone has smashed an axe into a pensioner’s head, a paedophile scandal or about a dog that has ripped a woman to pieces. But after a while, the news is no longer current, a fresh tragedy comes along and the earlier one is forgotten. However, until now the task I have been working on and producing paintings is to portray these images symbolically by producing works that fight against indifference. We have to find out whether it’s possible that hell is right here on earth." (Elīna Sproģe)


  2. -Laiks nevienu negaida- / -Time waits for noone-

    -Laiks nevienu negaida- / -Time waits for noone-