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  1. 10.06.–12.07.2011.


    Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia



    "It is surprising that the banal and militant word that is "trophies" includes everything that is important for a "normal person's normal life", starting from a sign of individual achievements successes and victories and ending with corporate clichés which confirm that you "know how to live". Trophies are a visible results of a normal life irrespective of whether you represent one of the large groups of so called subcultures or a social minority. Each trophy is something that we buy so that we can be proud a photograph which we stage and then collect or relationships which we programme as collateral for social standards. The trophy is always a worthy exhibit with a high level of museum value. Eventually trophies specify identity because they fill up windows via which communications occur.

    All art is "contemporary" for the artist because it offers him opportunities ideas and knowledge about his own art. Kristians Brekte, like many artists today, ignores traditions in his work. And yet art history quietly does its work and the new personal exhibition Trophies places Kristians Brekte into a history that has lasted for 500 years but also into contemporary visions. In historical terms, Kristians reminds us of nature morte – still life paintings that were a matter of great passion for Europeans in the 16th century. It really seems that was an era in which the cult of objects that is so typical of modern society was born. The situation today is more complicated because people describe our own age as being "ageless" (with various post-isms and neo-isms in culture). From the Christian perspective this is the end of days. Perhaps this peculiar situation is specifically that which allows us to understand that trophies are the most brilliant metaphor of our lives today." (Inga Šteimane)